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Three wins for Newman Electric not enough

Submitted by Beth Boekestyn

The Newman Electric Peewee Blackhawks came out looking for a championship in the Hendeson's Pharmacy tournament.

The entire team came together and played to win. Their hard work definitely shone through, but it just wasn’t their weekend. 
Game 1 vs Belmont Rangers won 4-2, MVP Hayden Ferguson #16
Game 2 vs Barrie Broncos loss 1-0, MVP Matthew Sorley #33
Game 3 vs Lambeth Lancers won 3-0, MVP Hayden Maynard #88
Game 4 vs Dorchester Dragons won 3-0, MVP Ethan Miller #14

Peewee LL1 would like to congratulate Peewee LL2 Voxxlife on a well-deserved championship!