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Amateur Athletic Association hands out the hardware

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T.A.A.A. Local Awards            
Team Name:   NOVICE   Team Name:   ATOM LL1
Most Valuable Player   Adam Santos-Gonzalez   Most Valuable Player   Michael DeGasperis
Most Improved Player   Joshua Moccio   Most Improved Player   Jackson Zalot
Most Dedicated Player   Emeric Gibbons   Most Dedicated Player   Kaitlyn Moccia
Most Sportsman Like   Bishop Norris   Most Sportsman Like   Kiefer Hodgkinson
        Best Defenceman   Tucker Paone
Team Name:   ATOM LL2   Team Name:   PEEWEE LL 1
Most Valuable Player   Ethan Lampman   Most Valuable Player   Wesley Dionne
Most Improved Player   Mason Cronk   Most Improved Player   Michael Mongelluzzo
Most Dedicated Player   Colin Hetherigton   Most Dedicated Player   Matthew Sorely
Most Sportsman Like   Noah Imerese   Most Sportsman Like   Blake Sider
Best Defenceman   Ansel Fullerton   Best Defenceman   Hayden Ferguson
Team Name:   PEEWEE LL 2   Team Name:   BANTAM LL1
Most Valuable Player   Nolan Morris   Most Valuable Player   Evan Purcer-Kondusky
Most Improved Player   Domenic Rapone   Most Improved Player   Josh Moccia
Most Dedicated Player   Michael Scalzi   Most Dedicated Player   Cooper Radke
Most Sportsman Like   Antonio De Divitiis   Most Sportsman Like   Grayson Coplen
Best Defenceman   Layton England   Best Defenceman   Hunter Cuthbert
Team Name:   BANTAM LL2   Team Name:   MIDGET LL1
Most Valuable Player   Jake Wilson   Most Valuable Player   Connor Davidson
Most Improved Player   Matthew Mongelluzzo   Most Improved Player   Jake Steele
Most Dedicated Player   Tyler Davidson   Most Dedicated Player   Travis Richards
Most Dedicated Player   Matthew Champion        
Most Sportsman Like   Kyle Davidson   Most Sportsman Like   Owen Mayhew
Best Defenceman   Michael McCafferty   Best Defenceman   Andrew Dailey


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