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Walking, climate change and road safety on the radar

Active transportation update
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Research: Why walking to school is good for your lungs — in more ways than one (Canadian)

Could the way children get to school affect their health? According to a recent study from Western University, the answer is yes. The study, published in February, is part of a multi-year project conducted by the school’s Human Environments Analysis Lab to better understand how children interact with their environment. And it found that what neighbourhood children live in and how they commute to school help determine their exposure to air pollution. Read more here. 

Engineering Best Practice: Considerations for Addressing Climate Change Adaptation for Transportation Infrastructure in Highway Management, Design, Operation and Maintenance in British Columbia

This document provides guidance to the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure on integrating climate change considerations into highway water handling infrastructure management including planning, engineering, and operations activities. Read more here.

Provincial: Ontario Road Safety Annual Report

In the period from 2007 to 2016 there has been a 24 per cent decrease in fatalities. But, in certain areas, there have not been significant declines and as a result, the fatality rate seems to have plateaued in the last five years. These continue to remain the top four areas of concern when looking at the proportion of all fatalities:

  • Drinking & Driving = 18 per cent in 2015; up 4 per cent in 2016

  • Inattentive = 20 per cent in 2015; down 3 per cent in 2016

  • Speed = 16 per cent in 2015; up 1 per cent in 2016

  • Drugs & Driving = 10 per cent in 2015; up 3 per cent in 2016

The documents are now available for download here

Smart Growth America: Safety Demonstration Projects
Case studies document safety demonstration projects in Durham, North Carolina, Huntsville, Alabama, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that lead to safer street design through community engagement and placemaking efforts.