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St John's church wants more people to enjoy their soup lunches

Church hopes to draw more lunch guests with new sign

For three years, Gail Bradlet and Judy Riley have been stirring pots, cutting meat and vegetables, and taken out steaming hot meat pies from the oven in the name of community.

The duo make up the core in the crew that every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month serve up soup for about 35 people.

"It used to be mostly parishioners but we are seeing more people come in from the community", said Gail, pointing out a large turnout about two weeks ago from the nearby senior's homes.

The event pays for itself through the money it brings in, that is evenly split with 50 percent going into the church fund to pay for future events, and the other half to outreach, like Community Care.

"People love it. It's a community and a lot of fellowship. If someone hasn't shown up for a couple of weeks, people start to ask. Every week is memorable" Judy said.

For the day, the soups were beef and barley, and a carrot soup.

In January the lunches started featuring the St John's signature meat- and turkey pies after popular demand.

And with a new sign out front advertising the event, the church hopes for an even bigger turnout.

Local Thoroldite Richard Andrews has been taken his mom Betty to the lunches for several years.

"It's just a great time. The soup is awesome", he said.