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POLL: Is chucking a dead chicken a fun bar event or disrespectful to animals?

Divided opinions on the Port Dalhousie contest planned for this weekend
chicken chucking
Contestants of last years event. Photo: Kilt & Clover Facebook page.

Last week, Port Dalhousie's Kilt & Clover came under fire after activists from At War For Animals Niagara, an animal rights group rejecting speciecism announced they were planing to crash the annual "International Chicken Chucking Championships". FULL STORY HERE.

The event, that the bar say is a light-hearted day for regulars to engage in the unique sport, utilizing frozen chickens and markings on the ice, raises money for charity.

The story got a lot of attention ahead of the planned date for the event, and opinions have been heavily divided in the comment section.