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More Thorold souvenirs now available downtown

Get your Thorold soaps, hats, T-shirts and “stuffies”

Specialty soaps, stuffed animals, T-shirts and hats—proudly sporting the Thorold name—are now available at downtown stores.

At the south end of Front Street, Da Bomb Bath Bakery has created custom Thorold (with maple leaf) soaps, while A Yellow Flower Basket, at the north end, sells small stuffed animals embroidered with “Thorold, Canada.”

As of yesterday, Henderson’s Pharmasave—located between the two—is offering Thorold T-shirts and ball caps, in men’s and ladies sizes only, and Shannon Passero’s Post Office has ladies’ sizes in stock.

Ball caps cost $19, T-shirts $25.

It’s all part of a pilot project, to complement existing businesses, Thorold tourism agent Sue Morin told the Thorold News.

“I’m getting more and more requests at Lock 7 for Thorold items from locals and travellers,” she said. “Da Bomb does a lot of business online,” making it easy to order soaps, and “People are buying a stuffed bear to go with their bouquets. Henderson’s is open seven days a week.”

The tourism office is displaying the items at the Lock 7 Tourist Information centre, she added, “but not selling them there. We are not there to compete with retail. We are there to drive business downtown.”

The T-shirts were designed to appeal to Thoroldites, as well as to the throngs who stop to sightsee at the Canal. A boat is depicted on the front, with Thorold’s slogan: “Where ships climb the mountain.” On the back is a “Welland Canal certified boat nerd” logo, and the words, “Thorold, Ontario.”

Impact Promotions—also located on Front Street—is printing the T-shirts, which come in charcoal grey for ladies and a lighter shade of grey for men.

Packs of eight post cards—showcasing some of Thorold’s most picturesque sights and scenes—are being printed by Print Three, and will be available for sale in the near future.


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