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Library feasibility survey is on now

Answer 30 multiple-choice questions for a chance to win a Samsung 7-inch Galaxy tablet
TPL survey
TPL Survey

You may have heard by now that our Facility Feasibility Survey is available for public input.  After all, we’ve only announced it before every single program and posted the link online 17,982 times (not including the bottom of this page). Do we think our ‘hide post’ social media nemesis is having a conniption whilst sputtering, “What, these clowns and their survey again?!”  Well, that’s certainly a possibility. But that only makes the entire process that much more satisfying.
In case you’re unfamiliar with the purpose of a Feasibility Study, think of it as a sort of report card on our progress, place, and practice - the key being to determine potential deficiencies and/or consider the practicality of a proposed plan or intended initiative.  

In this particular case, we’re focused on reviewing our space needs for the next two decades(!).  A process which is long overdue. And if there’s one thing we hate, it’s items being overdue (yep, that’s library humour at its finest). Though be careful not to frame the study by referring to anything as ‘very old’ in front of your senior book club seeing as the building may or may not have entered its current state the year before you were born. You will have to keep pausing every few seconds to say, “Okay, can you guys stop laughing so we can talk about the book?”  It’s not the kind of error we plan to make twice. 

The survey itself is comprised of approximately 30 multiple choice questions, some optional space for additional input, and takes anywhere from 8.75-15.2 minutes to complete (these are ballparks, folks) – depending on how seriously you consider each query or how desperately you just want to be entered in to win a tablet (yep, that’s a thing that could happen).  

We also have paper copies available at circulation, if that’s your preferred method. Further, you can have someone read the questions out to you whilst you prepare a light snack and/or file your nails, you say the answers verbally, and they can record them, either manually or via the world wide web – but those kind of arrangements are all you.  

The survey is due by Monday, November 11, which basically means that 25 per cent of respondents have already completed the task and messaged us in some form to acknowledge said accomplishment. We see you. A full 50-60 per cent will magically discover a window of time on the evening of the 10th, so long as they complete the task with an air of mild and slightly unpredictable irritation (i.e., the last-minuters ‘glow’). And the remainder will argue that we did not advertise the project nearly enough and/or advertised it too much that it turned them off engagement. You can't please 'em all.  

If helping out a friend isn’t enough incentive for ya, know that by completing the survey you will also be eligible to win a Samsung 7” Galaxy Tablet. So there's some further clarification for all of you that were waiting for us to circle back to that important nugget. We can even arrange to take a picture of the tablet with today’s paper to prove the whole operation is legit. By totally completing our Feasibility Survey and entering your contact information (NOT simply opening the survey tab), you will be entered for a chance to win the tablet. A single chance. One, non-guaranteed prize opportunity. We just know how some of our patrons are, so clarity is key. Below is the type of conversation we are trying to avoid.

Us: We invite all patrons (and non-patrons) to complete our Feasibility Survey to win a Samsung 7” Galaxy Tablet.
Patron: How can you afford so many tablets?!
Us: Nope, that’s not . . . nope.

If you still have questions about the survey (and you will), don’t hesitate to come in and ask or contact us 905-227-2581.  
Otherwise, if you feel this article has:
a) adequately prepared you to complete the survey,
b) more than adequately prepared you to complete the survey,
c) prepared you medium, but you like surprises,
then have at it: TAKE PART IN SURVEY HERE