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All hands on deck

Community groups partner for a better Thorold
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A name is a good place to start so a collection of community groups, individuals, businesses and religious organizations picked one for themselves this week: One Thorold.

Meant to convey the group’s commitment to work together in the best interests of the city, One Thorold was also meeting to begin the process of formalizing its structure and deciding just how good intentions can be turned into real action.

As one might suspect from the name, the new organization can trace its creation to the city’s religious community which meets under the name of One Church Thorold in an effort to work together on common goals. At its core, that’s the same focus as One Thorold - different segments of Thorold coming together to effect positive change in the city.

Just what those changes might be will be fodder for future meetings, but on Tuesday the group was developing the wording the group wants to use to describe its purpose.

“One Thorold strives to be an inclusive partnership between community organizations, faith groups, businesses and local government to collectively facilitate the continued positive transformation of all aspects of life, work and play in Thorold,” is the group’s vision statement approved this week.

One Thorold currently meets once a month. Anyone wishing to join the effort is encouraged to come to the next meeting at Hana’s Place (Summit Tavern) on Front Street, March 12 at 8 a.m. The group can also be reached by email at