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Grapes, wine, beauty queen and the Thorold News

Do you know where the Thorold Winery was?

The first photo above was submitted by Paul Price. It shows 1971 Grape and Wine Queen Teresa O'Sullivan in the parade.

On the lower right portion of the float is a sign that says "Thorold Winery 1927," and indicates they were winners of "The Finest Port & Sherry" at the World's Fair, Bologna, Italy.

There were rumours that the old Thorold News building, now the Tim Horton's property on Ormond Street, was the home to a winery. The second photo shows the old Thorold News building.

Brock University archives mention a winery on the west side of Ormond Street, and upon further inquiry, our unofficial historian, Wilfred Slater, Thorold native and former Globe and Mail editor, confirmed the winery did indeed become the Thorold News building and is now the site of Tim Horton's.