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New Season — New Beginnings

With the arrival of autumn, Hilda Vander Klippe considers spiritual care
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Fall seems like it's here already; shorter days and cooler nights. I mourn the loss of the long summer evenings and the daily dips in the pool.

Yes, fall is here and in Canada it seems fall is like our second ‘new year’; it is a time of new beginnings. Schools are back in session, and the yellow buses are everywhere; Brock students have returned, and soccer is replaced by hockey.  

Fall is a time when we pick up the pace after what was hopefully a leisurely summer.

It is often the time when we get reconnected with our gym to keep ourselves physically fit; we may consider talking a course or learning something new to keep our minds engaged. The TCAG will begin its new fall schedule with lots of interesting offerings. Local high schools and community colleges also offer courses to stimulate our minds.  

While physical fitness and mental stimulation is important to our health, there is another dimension that sometimes gets ignored; it is the spiritual aspect of our lives which is called our souls. I am wondering if this fall we should also consider our spiritual fitness.

In the Bible, Jesus says the following: “And how do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your soul? Is anything worth more than your soul? This passage is found in Mark 8:36-37. The answer to that question seems to be "No." Nothing is more important than your "soul" health.

There are quite a few churches here in Thorold and they specialize in soul care.

Churches offer spiritual care for you and your family and, what is more, the care is free. If spiritual fitness is not part of your daily, weekly or monthly routine, consider adding it to your life. This fall might be a good time to grow your spiritual fitness.