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LETTER: Thorold's own Welland Mills great heritage example

Letter writer encourages readers to explore Thorold's heritage
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ThoroldNews received the following letter to the editor from reader Pamela J.Minns:

Today's history column contains a great story on one of our outstanding heritage buildings.  

The Welland Mills is just one of the many historic buildings we have in Thorold.

There is a new brochure on the heritage of Thorold - available at the Tourism/Museum Centre and our City Hall. It is 16 pages with loads of information, pictures, maps and stories on Thorold's rich past. With all the work being done on our downtown, the great amount of building going on in the city, as well as our big win in the Prince of Wales Prize for Municipal Heritage Leadership, all of us need to be proud of our city.

Pamela J.Minns