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LETTER: St. Johns coverage is appreciated

Writer sees the value in local news outlet
St. Johns School first reunion photo. Bob Liddycoat / Thorold News

I would like to thank Bob Liddycoat and Cathy Pelletier for their coverage of St. Johns--the little village that was the first in the area and has a big part in the history of Thorold.

Bob took out time to come to our reunion last year for former students of the school. Bob went there in Grade 7 with me, and as it turns out, he was the one who brought us all together in a wonderful photo of the group.

A while ago Cathy posted a picture of the original Fire Department in St. Johns, with a wonderful story of how a community took their own muscle, money and time to make the Fire Department a reality.

The feedback that I received from this picture was huge as many people had never seen this picture and it contained many of their fathers, grandfathers, brothers and members of the community that were and are still very loved.

The Thorold News is a great place to catch up on community events, news, and it's a very well written and thought-out publication.

Good work, Bob and Cathy.

It shows us how a community can support each other through the use of local news.

Your friend and admirer,

Brenda Page