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OPINION: Let's try a few minutes of optimism

Thorold is looking for public input on several fronts. Now is the time to have your say, or forever hold your peace
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It’s frightening to see the push - yet again - for amalgamation of smaller communities. The ideology behind it says there are savings at the end of that rainbow. But history has proven again and again that it just isn’t so. We can go into detail but for a much more in-depth look at the failure of amalgamations over the past 150 years, read the book Merger Mania by Andrew Sancton. It’s far more comprehensive than we can hope to cover in one editorial.

The one point that must be made is that amalgamation means only people with rich backers can run for office in the larger arenas. We will lose the personal connection we now have with our elected officials at the municipal level. 

And if you're not too cynical, this is a good time to live in Thorold.

We have a new council and mayor with a new mandate and much is happening in the way of planning for the future.    

The City is currently conducting a number of studies, including a new transportation master plan, a new parks, trails and recreation master plan, a new water master plan and the revamping of the Battle of Beaverdams Park. Add to this efforts by the group, One Thorold, to actively improve support systems, and life in general in Thorold and even cynical voters can set aside their doubts for a few minutes.

Instead of criticizing on social media from the safe bunker of your basements, take a chance and be optimistic for a while. Now is the time to have your say in all these initiatives. 

Yes, these groups are actively looking for your opinion. And if you choose not to participate, you forfeit your right to complain down the road when history does not unfold as you had hoped.

So, take a chance, get involved. Contact the City, take part in the public input into the initiatives listed above on the website. Or contact One Thorold and let them know what average citizens can do to make this city a better place in which to live: email For more information about this read this article.