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VIDEO: Is it time to visit family and friends? Not just yet, says Health Minister

Health Minister hopes to have answers soon

During today's COVID-19 update from the provincial government, Premier Doug Ford was asked whether it was time for people to start visiting more broadly as the province prepares for Stage 1 of a return to business that sees golf courses and marinas opening Saturday.

Ford caused some confusion this week after suggesting during a press conference that people are being asked to keep visiting to 'immediate family', admitting that he had two of his daughters who don't live with him over on Mother's Day weekend.

Public Health Ontario continues to recommend people use technology to stay in contact with family and friends and to stay at least two metres away from others when outside the household.

So, is the government loosening guidance around visiting family and friends?

Health Minister Christine Elliot took the question and the short answer appears to be, not just yet.

For the long answer, watch Elliot's full reply in the video above.